Contract Packing

This service allows you to avoid the intricacies often associated with an outsource packer. We have established and long standing relationships with processing factories in China, Thailand and South America.

Our contract packing can be  used to pack product under your own brand – we prepare the packaging artwork  in-house or work with your pre-designed artwork. We can also pack under one of our brands.

We also offer wholesale seafood raw material to our customers…

Have a look at some of the seafood products that we deal in:

Why choose Holt Seafood as your contract packer?

Our expertise across the entire product life cycle is extremely important to the success of our customers. From boat to your local fish store or supermarket, Holt Seafood handles every aspect of the packing process.

Our tried and trusted approach to contract packing:

Market Knowledge & Research

When preparing artwork under our own brand or yours, we always take into account the import labelling requirements for the market we ship to (we currently actively track the requirements into Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Europe).

Branding & Design

Our in-house branding and design team can adapt your existing packaging artwork to the  factory specifications, ensuring that the printing process is smooth and the end result is a worthy representation of your brand.

Interested in our contract packing service?