Surimi is a japanese term that literally means "minced meat" and usually refers to fish based products (although other types of surimi product are produced in Japan). Surimi is a healthy, tasty and economical seafood product, often used in Asian cuisine and usually a hit with children.

Our surimi products are all seafood based and include Imitation Crab Meat, Imitation Lobster Tails, Fish Balls, Fish Nuggets. We also have the means to produce surimi based products to your specification, just get in touch.

Contract Packing

We can also contract pack our products to your specification. Just let us know how you want it packed and we can organise everything.
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Branding, Product & Packaging Design

Setting up a new brand? we provide a complete suit of  branding design, packaging design and product development services  to get you off the ground.
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