Product Development

We have years of experience in the seafood industry, working in collaboration with a variety of worldwide brands to bring some of the most successful retail and food service seafood products to market, in Australia, NZ, South Africa and Europe.
With an in house team of designers and product development experts, we’re ready to help you get your next product to market. We can handle the entire process for you, leaving you free to focus on selling your product.

We also offer seafood raw material to our customers…

Have a look at some of the seafood products that we deal in:

Why choose Holt Seafood as your product development partner?

Our expertise across the entire product life cycle is extremely important to the success of our customers. From the fishing boat to your local fish store or supermarket, Holt Seafood handles every aspect of the packing process.

Our tried and trusted approach to product development:

Market Knowledge & Research

It’s extremely important to understand your market, whether you are a new player or an established brand. We work with our customers to make sure we understand their needs; giving us a unique opportunity to advise them on the best product features, packaging design etc. We also bring over 40 years of global product knowledge to the table, giving us paralleled insight into the needs of different markets.

Branding & Design

We have years of experience developing brands for our customers and also designing and developing our own brands and products. You can see examples of our own brands and also products we have developed on this site.

We have a team of in-house packaging designers who have 25+ years of combined experience designing packaging for the seafood industry.

Packaging Requirements

With extensive knowledge of packaging requirements into Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Europe, our designers are ready to produce compliant packaging for any market.

We are comfortable gathering packaging specifications from clients and their destination country before producing artwork.

Established Global Supply Chain

Our global experience producing retail and food service products has allowed us to build an amazing contact book of suppliers, processing factories and distributors. From South America, Asia, Australasia and beyond, we have experience in moving seafood products into a multitude of markets.

Ready to develop your new seafood product?