Packaging Design

Good packaging is the key to the success of both retail and food service products. Quality packaging does not just mean beautiful design on the individual packs, but also functional bulk packaging design and clear product line differentiation.

Our in-house  branding and packaging design experts will help you grow and adapt your brand to your retail or food service packaging. With years of experience in the seafood and food industries, we have all the know-how required.

We also offer a wide range of seafood products…

Why choose Holt Seafood as your packaging design partner?

Originally, our packaging design service was solely an add on to our contract packing service. However over time, we’ve built a solid team of designers who truly understand the food service and retail food industries.

Our tried and trusted approach to packaging design:


Market Research

To make effective packaging, it is extremely important to understand the target market. If you’re packaging to chefs in high class restaurants, the packaging should suit this. Likewise if you’re selling retail to the consumer in a supermarket. For any given application, the both required information and the hierarchy of information are different.


Brand Integrity & function

It’s very important that your brand is adequately represented in your packaging. Whether you’ve just got a logo, or already have a 200 page style guide, we can take your existing assets and apply them to the packaging, resulting in a clean, consistent brand presence for your business.

Need help with your packaging design?